The second half of the year will be the furniture industry season

Since this year, furniture and building materials industry sales decline of the situation has aroused widespread concern, is generally believed that, this is the real estate policy results. But there are still quite a few practitioners think, not simply look at the real estate policy impact on the industry, a necessary stage in the current downturn just control process, the end result if successful, is bound to benefit the industry.

Do not know from the start, when the real estate industry a big policy changes, someone will predict, control after furniture building materials industry will usher in a sales "feast".

However, the so-called "feast" has not yet come, at least not as people imagine so hot.

Talk about how to deal with the second half of the season, the reporter did not appear to be collected more innovative idea, marketing strategy of the second half of enterprises or very much the same, to conservatively.

Despite the first half building materials furniture products sales decline, but the majority of enterprises did not show excessive anxiety, they think this is some normal fluctuation adjustment process in the industry. Some enterprises think, the property market and the industry downturn, it is the enterprise the return to the source, a good strength training time.

In general, most practitioners still have confidence in the second half of the year industry warmer, although the season sales temporarily can not see what the big movement, but with a strong market for large-scale promotion led this year may the season lit.

In addition, September there will be several important furniture exhibition, is also important to business opportunities, past experience tells us, the exhibition and marketing activities, the majority of multiplier effect. Depression dismal first half of the past, the industry there is no more time to regret, half of the more important has come, for most enterprises, the sales can be dry swallow bitter, really decided a year or the second half of the season "".

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