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Non "exclusive for the elderly" intelligent massage chair is popular among professionals

2021-08-02 管理员 Read 1653

Massage the shoulders and neck and relax the head, which can be obtained at home now. Eye massage instrument, neck massage instrument, head massage instrument and other massage and health care instruments are popular among young groups. People's consumption concept of expensive massage chairs is gradually changing, and the market scale of domestic massage instruments is increasing year by year.

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In the 1960s, Japan developed the world's first intelligent massage chair, which opened the prelude to the development of modern massage appliances. In the 1980s, Japanese traditional electrical appliance manufacturers represented by Panasonic and Dadong began to develop massage appliances, gradually enriched their product categories, and entered China with international trade. By the 1990s, a large number of manufacturers had laid out the Chinese market. Nowadays, the R & D of intelligent massage chair is iterative, the products are more intelligent and diversified, and a hundred flowers of massage and health care appliances are in full bloom in the market. The 2021 Research Report on China's intelligent massage chair industry released by iResearch consulting shows that consumption upgrading is conducive to great and healthy development. The market scale of China's intelligent massage chair is about 8.28 billion, which is the top 1 in the massage appliance market.

Don't think massage is the "exclusive demand" of the middle-aged and elderly. The survey shows that with the acceleration of the pace of life and the increase of work pressure, the middle-aged and young groups have also become "loyal fans" of massage appliances because of their sedentary, shoulder, neck and waist discomfort. Taking the intelligent massage chair as an example, the main consumer groups come from the first-line, new first-line and other urban workplace groups. The proportion of Bachelor degree is as high as 85%, and the proportion of personal monthly income of more than 15000 yuan is as high as 44.3%. The family structure is mostly a two-generation family of "husband and wife with children". More than 60% of consumers use it every day for 0.5 to 1 hour.

In addition to improving muscle soreness, relaxing, soothing body and mind and improving sleep quality are also the main purposes for people to buy Intelligent massage chairs. In addition, the upgraded intelligent products can also monitor and track health data, highlighting the concept of healthy life of young and middle-aged groups.

From the perspective of experience concerns, more than 60% of the respondents expect that the massage chair can provide real-life massage techniques, and more than half expect to provide phototherapy function, that is, the seat can be equipped with different scene lights in different space scenes such as study and bedroom. In addition, more than 60 adults want to be equipped with high-quality audio, listen to books and crosstalk while massaging, so as to upgrade the experience. Automatic fragrance adjustment and leisure side tables are also included in the "expectation list". Of course, more people are concerned about safety. More than seven adults are concerned about the safety of the seat back. They hope that the massage intensity can be adjusted. They hope that the products can fully ensure the safety of users in terms of alternating hand massage and anti overheating.

When buying intelligent massage chairs, consumers prefer to buy brand products with professional R & D massage chairs, good reputation and high popularity. High end and luxury consumers prefer products with a strong sense of intelligent technology. It is predicted that in the future, products with the characteristics of upgrading massage experience around the five senses of the human body, or supporting personalized customization, updatable massage procedures, exquisite and changeable design and reducing floor space will be more popular.

In addition to the intelligent massage chair, in recent years, the market "massage small electricity" is also emerging one after another. With the improvement of people's health awareness, it has driven the upgrading of consumption in the field of health. Among them, neck massage instrument, eye massage instrument and head massage instrument are the most popular. These "massage small electricity" can better carry out local care, meet massage needs anytime and anywhere, and have small volume and no space.