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In 996, Aosheng massage chair became a new favorite of office workers

2021-08-02 管理员 Read 1865

Recently, the "996 working system" has caused great controversy on the Internet. On the one hand, the support of Internet bosses for "996" and on the other hand, the collective boycott of the majority of young people in the workplace. A war between reality and dream is going on. Under the tear, the topic of 996 has become more and more sensitive.

Subsequently, Xinhua news agency, people's daily, workers' daily and other official media repeatedly commented on this and attacked the 996 working system from different angles: 996 ≠ hard struggle.

In fact, regardless of support or opposition, 996 seems to be common, and overtime is unavoidable.

In 2017, the national overtime report compiled by didi travel showed that many office workers worked overtime until 9 p.m., especially in first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen; In 2018, the people's daily also launched a microblog survey. The data show that in China, less than 11.9% of people can take a complete two-day break, of which 32.7% have to work overtime for two days.

It can be said that under the prevalence of 996, a group of "workers" of Internet enterprises are going online in batches. The young people besieged by 996 are like machines that set alarm clocks. They finally realize the essence of front-line workers. They exchange their physical strength, mental strength and simple repetitive work for money, and even begin to exchange their lives for money.

Refuse ICU Aosheng massage chair to become a new favorite of office workers

As we all know, working for a long time is very serious for the loss of the body, and many are easy to lead to sudden death. It is reported that the number of overwork deaths in China starts at 60W every year. It is far ahead of Japan and has become the largest country of overwork deaths.

Obviously, sudden death is no longer a small probability event. It even began to become a knife on the head and a thorn in the heart of countless young people. So, how can white-collar workers, especially 996 people who work overtime for a long time, relax their body and mind, relieve pressure and refuse to get sick in ICU?

In addition to social concern and the popularization of health knowledge, it is more important to learn to "care for yourself". In our daily work, we need to pay attention to the law of life and strengthen physical exercise. In addition, we can relieve physical and mental pressure with the help of high-quality health equipment, such as massage chairs.

Aosheng massage chair can release the pressure of life, experience the fun of massage and make you feel comfortable. It is reported that OSIM 4-hand heavenly king has created a breakthrough 4-hand massage technology to break the traditional massage thinking, just like two masseuses with four hands to coordinate the massage simultaneously: two hands knead the shoulders and neck to the waist and back, and the other two hands press the hips and legs at the same time, coordinate with each other with the same strength and rhythm, so that you can double the relief effect in a short massage time, and massage with four hands to improve your physical and mental enjoyment.

We work hard for wealth and freedom, but we constantly overdraw our health and future. If we are destined to be crazy about work, remember to buy ourselves an Aosheng massage chair, which can cure your body even if it can't change your life.

OSIM / Aosheng os-870 datianwang 2 full body multifunctional dual core 3D luxury automatic intelligent massage chair price: 35800 yuan

OSIM / Aosheng os-870 datianwang 2 full body multifunctional dual core 3D luxury automatic intelligent massage chair

It does have many functions. The whole is petite, much smaller than my original Sanyo size. I thought my legs would not stretch out. Unexpectedly, it is elastic. How long the leg is, how long it can stretch. Of course, it refers to women, general figure. The disadvantage is that the head is not well placed. If the pillow is put down, the neck massage cannot be reached. When the pillow is removed, the head is suspended. I'm not satisfied with this, and I can't find any way to achieve both. Thanks for the eye massager. But that suit is a waste.